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Chitika Apps Allows you to Target More Aggressively
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  • Chitika, as we all know, is an adsense alternative ad network, which also allows you to post ads side-by-side with adsense. Recently, chitika has introduced a new feature to its service – Chitika Apps. With Chitika Apps, you can now target your audience more aggressively than ever, making you earn a lot more through advertising.
    As soon as you are logged in to your chitika dashboard, click on the “Chitika Apps(beta)” tab. You will be redirected to the App page. Developers, don’t keep your hopes up, as the app page is actually an additional-features page of Chitika, and you in now way whatsoever, can actually code anything.
    Chitika Apps, as of now, has four options, Chitika Hover, Chitika Highlight, Chitika Linx, Chitika Page. Chitika Hover is a ad that will stick to your bottom right of your website, whereas highlight ads will appear when someone copies text on your website, linx (pronounced Links) are the infolinks kind of ads which pop-up as you hover over them and chitika page ad are the ads which appear when someone clicks any external link of your website (most intrusive ad ever).
    To use these “apps”, all you need to do is to make sure that you already have chitika apps running on your website. Click on the “Enable” button next to these apps to enable it for your account.
    As for me, despite heavily relying on Adsense, I am also trying out Chitika - though it isn’t exactly as successful as adsense. I have enabled the “Chitika Hover” app (in the picture) for a few days to see how it would impact my earnings. Will let you know as soon as the results start pouring in.
    Chitika | Chitika Apps

    Update: After testing Chitika Hover for a few days, I must admit that I am not impressed at all. It didn't receive as many clicks compared to other ad units, and neither did Chitika have a good CPC for those received clicks. It was nothing but a waste or real estate on screen to use it, so thereby I removed it.

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