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Flip YouTube Videos to Avoid it Being Taken Down
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  • YouTube has a very strict copyright policy, wherein you cannot upload any video that is already copyrighted by someone. If you do post a video that is infringing a copyright, then the video gets immediately pulled down and you are served with a notice warning you against doing it in the future.

    As soon as you upload a copyrighted content to YouTube, a software from YouTube’s servers automatically scans any content for copyrighted material. If any such material is found in your video, it is immediately taken down and you are served with a notice. However, a clever way to bypass this limitation and upload a copyrighted video without getting caught – is to flip the video.


    If you have a copyrighted video, then using a video conversion tool, get the video flipped (or mirrored) either horizontally (180 deg.) or vertically (90 deg.).

    Many such flipped videos exists on YouTube, like Helena (HD) – My Chemical Romance and many more. This method is strictly speaking illegal, as you are uploading a copyrighted video. This method only prevents YouTube from automatically detecting copyright infringement, but your video can still be taken down and be served with a notice if anyone manually looks at your video and complaints about it to YouTube.

    [ Warning: If you are already served with many notices earlier, then I would suggest you stay away from this as your account would be suspended if you are a repeated offender. The tutorial is just for educational purposes and I am not responsible for any mischief that you may commit on youtube.]

    How do you flip a video?

    A video converter – like GOM video converter allows you to flip/mirror videos easily. The trial version is nearly as functional as the full version itself, however, a watermark gets imprinted on the video. There is even a guide on how to flip a video in GOM video converter.

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