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How I increased my Adsense Earnings by a huge margin
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  • Adsense (needs no introduction) is an advertisement service by Google, in which an approved publisher gets revenue for every click and impression a visitor makes in a said website. TechCovered uses Adsense as a source for its primary revenue and sponsorship.


    This site is only a year and a half old and so far, my adsense account has not been as alive as it did in the past year. The adsense earnings when I started the blog, in the initial months were about $0.5 – $0.8 per month (yes! month!) and has come to somewhere in the range of $50 per month as of now. So how did I do it? Here are a few tips that you should consider following :

    1) Write good stuff

    When it comes to earning more on adsense, nothing matters more than writing good blog posts or articles on your website. The entire foundation of your future adsense earnings relies on this. You simple cannot expect money to pour in if you copy articles from other websites and post it in yours, which will only earn the contempt of Google search bots and reduce your Google ranking. Your articles must be genuine.

    Essentially, visitors wont come pouring in as soon as you write a good (or a great) article, as the process takes its time. To ensure your article gets the popularity it deserves, resort to the social media and networks like Facebook, Twitter and even Stumbleupon, Digg,etc to gain visitors.

    2) Clever ad placement

    In adsense terms, there are many ways an ad can be placed on a website. Whenever placing an ad on a website, remember to place it “above the fold”. What this means is that the visitor must be able to view the ad without the need of scrolling down, initially. This is a proven, tried and tested method, and is sure to have your visitors take more attention of your ads. Besides this, your CTR will experience an additional boost with this small modification. You can use this tool to check if you’ve done it right.

    The color of ads also play a great role. The ads you use must match the theme of your website. For example, this site uses a blue theme and the ads are also of the same color and style. This change has resulted in a lot of clicks from visitors.

    The visitor heat map from adsense further tells you the parts of your website where an usual visitor would pay attention to. You can use this to thoroughly plan the location of your ads.

    3) Don’t overdo it

    Most of the new adsense publishers make a mistake here. The maximum ad limit per page for adsense is 3 text/graphical ads and 3 link units. Even with that limitation, most people tend to overdo it and place ads on every nook of the website, making it ugly to look at – which most probably drives the visitor away from the website.

    Imagine yourself to be a visitor to some website. Would you prefer to be flooded with ads as soon as you set footing?

    4) And …

    • If you run out of ideas about ad placements, steal some ideas from huge, popular websites like nytimes, mashable, etc and use it for your website.
    • Post regularly to your website, do not remain idle for a long time.
    • While blogging, blog what you really are interested about, and not anything which is based on the adsense top-paying-keywords or such. Blogs based on those ideals are most likely to fail.
    • Always focus your attention to visitors from organic search rather than direct visitors, as direct visitors are most probably regular visitor who know your site layout way too well and do not contribute to adsense earnings. Do not ignore them, though.
    • If adsense is really not working for you, you should probably try other advertising networks, like Chitika, Clicksor etc. [I do not really recommend this]
    • Be patient: You need to have the patience of a Zen monk for you to earn online. Nothing happens right away in the world of blogging or websites (except bad things). The more you work and the more you wait, the more you can make out of your website.

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