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How to politely end a message conversion
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  • Have you ever found yourself in the awkward position where you’d have wanted to end a conversion you are having, politely, without abruptly ending the conversation and making yourself look like a jerk? Here are some tips to do so:


    a. Reply late

    One of the better way to end a message conversation is to reply late. Consider this scenario: If someone has been bothering you all night and you need to get some sleep without telling the other person to stop bothering you, then you need to respond late - as much as 30 minutes later, after which time even the other person wouldn’t bother to respond. Even if they message you, it wouldn’t be offensive to not reply at all that due because of the time lag.

    I always use this to keep irritants at bay :) See this example.

    b. Send empty messages

    It takes two people (or more) to have a message conversation, and if you respond honestly to your irritants messages, then you are potentially fuelling more and more messages from them. So, the better option is to send “empty” messages.

    Empty messages does not mean blank messages, but implies sending messages without any meaning in them. For example, sending an emotion like “:)” or “:D” as a response would really work its magic in ceasing the incoming messages. See this example.

    c. Irritate them back

    This method works occasionally, where you’d have to irritate back your irritant in order for them to stop troubling you. If the message sender is your friend, usually asking for financial or any other sort of help will surely keep them from not troubling you in the long run. See this example.

    These methods are a way to get rid of that irritant. Do you have any other method that you follow? Do comment.

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