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Adsense has a 300 x 600 large skyscraper ad!
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    Adsense has newly rolled out a new ad unit, a (very) large 300x600 skyscraper. This makes it to the 20th ad unit that adsense offers. It still offers the previous ad layout, which includes everything from a medium rectangle (300x250), mobile banner (320x50) to skyscrapers ad units. The newest ad unit, the 300x600 skyscraper is the largest ever offered by Google Adsense so far.

    So how exactly does this ad unit perform?

    For starters, it does gain a lot of attention from the fellow visitors of your website. This translates to more and more CTR (or click through rate) for the publisher. But using this ad unit is still a “ballsy” move as the ad occupies a whole lot of real estate on your website (180,000 sq pixels to be exact), which may repel visitor, if not delight them. This combined with other ad units will surely make your website look more commercial than you intended it to be!

    adsense_300x600 This is a sample of how a 300x600 ad would look on TechCovered. Do notice how the ad attracts a lot of attention (compared to the 300x250 ad we have now). The ad will most likely be useful for aggressive adsense publishers.

    Many people have tried this (though I didn’t spot an actual website with this ad unit on) and reviews have come pouring in. Most of them admit that these ad units are half-filled most of the time, probably because advertisers are just warming up to this unit. They did admit a slight increase in their CTR, thanks to this ad unit.

    If you are prepping up to use this ad unit, then my advice would be to wait for sometime, at least till more and more advertisers are interested in this unit.

    Have you used the ad unit? How has it worked for your website? Do comment and share.

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