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Easily Remove the ads on uTorrent
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  • uTorrent is widely known as the best bit torrent client out on the internet and is widely used by many people around the internet for downloading torrents. The latest version of uTorrent 3.2.2 now comes with ads. The three ad slots in uTorrent is not exactly an eye sore, but if you are a long time uTorrent user, then you might have a problem with uTorrent trying to capitalize.


    uTorrent, fortunately and thankfully, has given users the option of disabling the ads, but it is nowhere mentioned in its website or even highlighted by the company.

    To disable the ads, go to options > Preferences > Advanced  and set the value of "offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled” to false. This should disable the ads the next time uTorrent starts up. uTorrent is now ad-free.


    However, I do not recommend you disable the ads of uTorrent just because you do not welcome it. BitTorrent, uTorrent’s parent company employs around a 100 people to work on uTorrent and having the ads enabled allows them additional profits, increasing the development works around uTorrent. This is the reason why I re-enabled the ads back on.

    Can you imagine a world without uTorrent? I can’t! [Via: TorrentFreak]

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