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Get Featured on Facebook Homepage with your “Facebook” story
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  • If you have visited Facebook today, you would have come across a video of Daniel Cui, describing how Facebook had changed his life. [Long story short – Daniel Cui got support from his high school friends and fellow team members on Facebook after he was the scapegoat who received all the blame for losing an entire season in high school football].


    If you have a similar (or a completely different story) on how Facebook changed your life, then it is time you upload it to facebook, and if you are lucky, it might get picked and be displayed in Facebook homepage for everyone to see.

    To submit your story, you should use this official Facebook Stories app and after giving all the required permissions, you should tell them your story, with either pictures or a video and also tag along your friends, who will act as witnesses to your story. If your story is awesome (and legit) and if you have a great video to go with it, chances are that it will go viral and get you featured on Facebook.


    Here is the video of Daniel Cui which got featured on Facebook homepage after it became viral.

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