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How to Remove Toolbars from All Browsers Easily
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  • Toolbars are an annoying addition to your browser, which tend to change your personal settings – like changing the homepage to the toolbars’, changing the default search provider, etc. If you have a kid that plays excessive online games, or an elderly who tends to “browse” the internet, or any other internet-illiterate using your computer, then you’d have to encounter annoying toolbars installed by them.

    One easy way to remove a toolbar is to go to the control panel and manually uninstall them, but some toolbars do not have any program icon in the control panel, which can tend to get to your nerves. In that case, you should use Toolbar Cleaner  to remove all those toolbars for you, in multiple browsers. Not only does Toolbar cleaner remove toolbars, but also helps you to remove add-ons and plugins (also called BHOs – Browser Helper Objects).


    While installing, please be careful to not check the two options that appear at the end, which offer you to install some software, probably a sponsored advt.

    windows-startup-removerOn running the software, you’ll find a list of all the add-ons, plugins and toolbars your browser has. It is up to you to remove whatever you don’t want, though i suggest you leave some very important BHOs, like anything related to Adobe’s PDF and flash player, Shockwave player, Microsoft Office, Google Update, etc.

    Add-ons which you previously installed in your browser also appears, in which case I recommend you do not uninstall them with this program but do it manually with your browser.


    This tool also comes with the option to remove Windows startup items. Overall, this is a must have tool if you are paranoid about getting your PC filled with bloat-ware.

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