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How to Automate Tasks On the Internet
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  • If you live by the internet, and your daily chore is to surf through the internet, following the same routine day-to-day (whether you are aware of it or not), then you’d wish for something to automatically do these things for you. This is where this great tool comes in – to help you automate your tasks on the internet.

    IFTTT (short for If this then that) can be used to do things for you on the internet, from one “channel” to another. Each channel is a social service (which may range from Facebook to Date and Time channel, etc.) which you can use to do something when something else is “triggered”. Sounds complicated? Not really. It is the simplest thing you can do.

    As soon as you create an account for IFTTT, you will be given a simple guide on what many terms used are, which you should read to get a fair idea of everything. In the “If This, then That” line, select “this” and select a trigger and “that” to perform some action after the trigger.

    You can do many awesome things, only limited by your imagination. Hell, you can even make this service send you a SMS message if its going to rain/snow/be sunny tomorrow! As a blogger, I made a “recipe” to post a status to Facebook whenever I update something in my blog.


    To get started, simply select the “Create a Recipe” button at the top and click on “this” and select a service. Then select the respective “trigger” of that service. Next, select “that” and select the action you’d like to perform. For example, I created a service that will post to my Facebook if its going to rain tomorrow in my locality.


    Some useful recipes (created by other people) are: Posting Facebook Status at 12 on New Years Eve, Sending SMS when it is about to rain, Saving Photos from Instagram to Dropbox, Call on sending SMS and many more! The recipes list is surely impressive.

    NOTE: Twitter has problems with IFTTT because of its latest change in API conditions and terms, so you can’t use twitter that freely with IFTTT.

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