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Get More Attention to your Facebook Page posts
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  • If you are the admin of a Facebook page but are not getting enough attention on the status updates, links, etc. you post on your page – then here is a solution for you. Post them along with an image.

    According to an experiment conducted by Blogger Amit, he found out that Facebook’s algorithms automatically select only those posts on your page which has photos uploaded along with them. This means that your fans (people who liked your Facebook page) are more likely to see your Facebook page post, if you upload a photo along with the status!


    Not only does Facebook’s algorithm automatically display on their news feeds, but also having an attractive, eye-catching image (which obeys Facebook’s terms and conditions of course) will often translate to more and more views and likes for your status update.

    Another tip is to use a relevant image along with the post, and not posting a picture of an attractive girl for a link/status update that has something to do with something else.

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