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How to Download torrents within Chrome
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  • If you already know what torrents are, then you also probably know that you need a torrent downloading program, like Bit torrent, uTorrent, etc. to download the torrent to your computer. But now, thanks to the people from uTorrent, you can now download all your torrents directly from chrome itself.


    Bittorrent Surf is a Google Chrome extension that lets you download torrents directly to your Google Chrome download folder. The size of the extension is a hefty 5 MB, and it comes with functionality that justifies its size (uTorrent is hardly a MB in size though).

    The extension not only lets you download torrents but also lets you search for torrents online too. The initial search engine is set to either Google or Bing, but more torrent sites can also be added to the search engines list – all you have to do is go to the torrent website and click on the extension to add it.

    The one feature I wish it had was to act as a standalone downloader in which you can just point to a torrent and the extension downloads it for you. As of now, you can only download the torrents you search within the extension. However, the extension is still in its alpha stage so more improvements are likely to come.

    As of this writing, the extension has about 2000 users, though it was released just hours ago. The extension is not that practical to use anyway, but torrent enthusiasts who download a lot from torrents will find this extension helpful.

    Bittorrent Surf (alpha) | Google Chrome

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