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Legally get Adobe CS2 for Free from Adobe
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  • Adobe, who are currently promoting their CS6 productivity suite, have decided to end the activation servers of its CS2 productivity suite which was released in 2005, thereby making it free to all public, not officially of course.

    The CS2 productivity suite released in 2005, contains many of Adobes award-winning programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, all of which is being offered free by Adobe, along with valid serial numbers. (Wow). The serial numbers are being handed out because Adobe is closing down its activation servers for CS2 which makes it impossible for users to activate Adobe CS2 products – and hence – free serial keys!


    The Download list published by Adobe gives huge list of programs, with their download links and serial keys for free download by “people who bought the program”. In a statement, Adobe officials said that the keys were meant for only people who purchased Adobe CS2, but by making it publicly accessible, I really don’t think they care for who downloads and uses them.

    The old programs don’t work on newer versions of Windows or Mac, but would run perfectly on Windows XP, which I think some people still use. For anyone using pirated versions of CS5 or CS6, here is your chase to get a legit copy – albeit a very old one.

    If you want to revive the nostalgia of working with CS2, then give it a go.

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