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MegaUpload is now back as “Mega”–What’s New?
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  • Remember the time when MegaUpload got closed down by the FBI due to pirated content on it and also the due to the thousand of complaints from movie producers, software companies, etc. whose intellectual property was being distributed free of cost? Well, its back. Not as MegaUpload, but as “Mega”.


    Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload and now Mega, said that he needed a “fresh” start, after his arrest. He said his primary objective was to get this company enlisted on the new york stock exchange. All this comes after US and NZ authorities raided his residence and closed down the website.

    So how exactly will Mega survive? Will it be closed down again by the authorities? What’s so special about this? Well, in Mega, you have a new set of Terms and Conditions, which make you responsible for whatever you upload on the website and also for distributing the links. They do have a “don’t upload copyrighted property” on their T&S, but I don’t think anyone would really follow that. Anyways, the T&S shows up every time you upload anything.


    Surprisingly, Mega asks non-chrome users to upgrade to Google Chrome as Mega runs on HTML5 and says that though other browsers support HTML5, Chrome “has it all” and is recommended you use them with Mega. The site ran fine on Firefox.


    Will you use this? Over Mediafire? Do comment.

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