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Windows Phone asks you to Insert CD and reboot in case of an error
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  • Windows phone is catching up with many people opting for windows phones from Nokia (the famed Lumia series) and also Samsung, etc. But unlike android, the windows phone is not open source and unlike android Linux phones, you cannot root your way out of any problem. So what does happen when you get an error on your Windows smartphone? You get a error message that you get on your normal windows OS.


    In the error message, Windows asks the user to “Insert Windows Installation disc and restart the computer”. That is not humanly possible. This is a phone.

    The phones in question are Nokia lumia phones and the one on your right is a Lumia 920 phone (the current flagship model of Nokia). The user of one of the phones Johnny Ruokokoski admitted that he was trying to flash the phone with a custom ROM when UEFI safe boot kicked in and broke the existing windows installation.

    This error message is the standing proof that Windows phone use the same Windows NT kernel, similar to the newer Windows OSes. If you are scared to buy a Windows phone because of error messages like this, then fret not – these kinds of errors are very rare and happen only when you tamper with the OS and does not occur if you use the phone normally.

    As for Johnny, he wouldn’t be getting any warranty as @WinPhoneSupport doesn’t support tampering with phones.

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