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Don’t Ever Enable Java Again–At least for two years.
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  • The United States Government has issued a public alert to disable Java on their browsers (and not run Java apps on the internet) as there is an unfixed zero-day security exploit that is still unpatched.

    Java-drawn-logoJava 7 update 10 – the vulnerable version was recently upgraded and “fixed” by oracle with the Java 10 update 11 version – but that is not enough to stop the attack, security experts say. According to them, it would take about two years to fix the issue.

    Yes, two years! The safest thing to do according to them is to permanently disable Java on your browser till the issue is fixed.

    As a internet junkie, the most times I actually require Java on the internet was when I download YouTube videos, the website that provides this service usually asks you to run the Java applet. But now, since using Java is too risky, I’d advise you to use one of the many YouTube downloaders available. Like this one.

    Source: Fixing exploits could take two years | How to disable Java in all computers

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