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How to get RSS Feed of Sub-Reddit
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  • If you don't already know, Reddit is the front page of the internet. It is made up of many sub-reddits - which were previously viewable only on the Reddit main website. But if you use an RSS reader to keep yourself updates, then you can use this nifty hack to get RSS feed of your favorite sub-reddit.

    To get the RSS feed of the sub-reddit, in your RSS reader, just point ot the sub-reddit URL along with a ".rss" in the end of the URL.

    Example: If the sub-reddit "Technology" is your favorite, then you can subscribe it in your RSS reader by typing: in the Subscribe button. 

    The same works even for Google Reader.  [Google Reader was unable to obtain the RSS feed URL by itself on Reddit]

    Update: This hack works for even the main reddit front page. The Feed URL is

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