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How To Not be Searchable on the Internet
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    If anyone wants to know who you are, they do a Google search on you – which leads them to your Facebook, Twitter and/or other social network profiles. However, they can also search your name from “People Search” websites, which tend to provide more information regarding you. Most employers usually use this search engines to know more about their prospective employee.

    To keep your name clean on the internet, you should manually opt out of such services.

    Spokeo is a popular people search website. To opt out of it, first find your profile link (This can be done by searching your name in Spokeo and copying the URL of the search result) and then filling this form.

    Pipl is another service, which can also be opted out here. PeekYou is yet another service which can be opted out of, by filling this form. You can opt out of Intelius search engine by filling out this optout form, but they require additional details like verification of identity, etc.

    There are services like MyLife and ZabaSearch, which don’t have a opt out form, but you would have to manually email to their offices asking to remove your information from their directories.

    Then, there are the more stubborn ones like cvgadget which tell you that they cannot remove any information of yours from their directories.

    These are just some of the search engines which you can opt out of. If you find more of these, proceeding to its “Privacy Policy” page will most often contain the opt out link.

    Another solution is to change your name, in real life. But I don’t think anyone is up to that. Are you?

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