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Indian Messaging App Tops all Mobile Marketplaces
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  • If you have recently visited your mobiles marketplace, then you must have come across “Hike”, a messaging app (which is Indian made) is currently leading the Windows, Android, iOS and Nokia marketplace.


    What’s so special? Isn’t Whatsapp like this?

    In fact, the hike app is exactly the same as Whatsapp, but only has one thing which separates it from the others – it can send free SMS to non-hike users. Which means that if a person who is not on hike, is sent a message, it is delivered to the person via an SMS, provided that the person hasn’t activated DND.

    However, the number of SMS sent is not unlimited, and a user can send only up to 100 SMS per month. Inviting other friends to hike can get you an additional 50 SMS. They keep refreshing the sent SMS counter every once a month.

    Can my mobile phone run it?

    Hike runs on many platforms – almost the same as whatsapp. It runs on Android, iOS, Windows, Nokia phones. The blackberry version is still under development and is not yet released.

    Is it reliable?

    As soon as you heard the word “Indian”, its reliability must have been a question. Unlike most other homemade Indian apps, hike app seems to be pretty stable and didn’t ever crash upon use. So I must say this is a worthy whatsapp replacement.

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