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Planning to Buy a Camera? You Got to Look at This.
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  • If you are planning to buy a camera ( for someone – for valentines day or whatever) and don’t know or cant decide which exactly to buy? Don’t worry, Cameratico comes to your rescue.


    Cameratico is a “humanized” camera recommendation engine – that is, the website admin individually compares the performances of many (many many) cameras that is current present in the market and recommends them to you, as per your personal taste.

    To get personal suggestions for more precise recommendations, then you need to click on the “get personal recommendation” button and answer a series of questions. After you submit, cameras which suit your use are recommended.

    Three types of cameras are supported, the D-SLRs, mirror less cameras and compact cameras. You can chose your price range and then the website generates a relative score of every camera out of 100 and gives you a huge list to chose from. An amazon link to purchase the camera is also provided.

    If you are not from the US, the purchase maynot work, but you can still get recommendations of which camera suits you best.

    Another plus point of the website is that it tells whether it is a good time for you to buy the camera as it determines whether the price of that camera has been stable or volatile in the market.

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