Thursday, February 21, 2013

Avoid Posting to Blogger with its Online Editor
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  • If you need to publish a blog post in Blogger, then you probably use the "New Post" button in Blogger to quickly type out your new blog post. But what if I tell you, that this way of blog posting, is actually making your blog look clumsy and is inefficient?

    If you didn't know this already, Bloggers post editor uses an unconventional way to convert your post into HTML format, which often results in the post not being displayed properly on your website - the way you meant it to be seen.

    For example: On pressing Enter on the keyboard, most blog post editors close the paragraph <p> tag, whereas in Blogger's post editor, the Enter key just adds a <br> tag to the  current paragraph - meaning - it will consider the whole blog post as one single paragraph.

    This is actually bad, if your Blogger theme has particular customization done after each paragraphs, like padding, margins, etc.

    Though it does make some functions like uploading images, etc more easier, I suggest you to stick with Windows Live Writer (for PC) for now.

    If you do not want to migrate to any other editor, then make sure you insert the paragraph tags at the end of each paragraph in blogger manually.

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