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[TechCovered] Stats and What the Future Holds!
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  • Honestly, TechCovered has far exceeded my expectations for a blog. It started as a small time blog, working its way up the blogging world which is already populated by hundreds of thousands of blogs, that too on a free blog hosting blogger platform.

    After AdSense was approved for TechCovered, my joy knew no bounds, though it was only after a year or so that the earnings actually started to pour in.

    Stats of TechCovered:

    As of now, TechCovered has  an all time page view  history of more than 233,000 (that is 2 lakh 33 thousand visitors). Considering the fact that TechCovered started a a little less than two years ago on blogger (and still is) this is quite a big achievement. stat-1

    TechCovered has an approximate daily pageview of 1200 visitors, who are mostly originating from organic search engines, mostly from Google.

    The monthly pageviews of TechCovered always surpasses the previous month and is ever increasing as of date.

    The post on How to get credit card numbers unsurprisingly, gathered the maximum number of views. Mostly by people who wanted it for illegal purposes I suspect.

    Most of my visitors are from the United States, followed by India and the United Kingdom. chartChrome leads the most number of visits (35%), followed by Firefox at 26%, Internet Explorer 16%, Safari 11% and Opera at 4%. Windows leads the visitor OS rating with 76% of all visitors using a Windows OS, followed by Mac at 7%, followed by (surprisingly) Android at 4%. There is a considerable amount of visits from the trio – iPhone, iPad and the iPod. 

    What will happen in the future?

    I personally thought that the world was going to end in December 2012, so hadn’t made that much of a plan regarding the website (just kidding!). The next immediate move would be to shift from Blogger to a self-hosted wordpress installation, which would guarantee to improve every part of the website by at east a thousand percentage.

    Since the domain is already occupied, I’ve got my eyes on, which will probably be my next domain name.

    I would mainly like to thank all my fellow blog readers for making techcovered what it has become today. Any tips on how to improve is more than welcome. Do send an email to or contact me through Facebook or twitter.

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